What's up with the Shipping Issue?

Some of you may be aware that we had some trouble with accessing our shipping prices recently. We are still working on that problem, but in the meantime we have reverted back to offering strictly Priority Mail service. We hope to have the problem solved soon.


Why the new Site?

Simply put, the old site was completely outdated and almost useless. This new site not only makes it easier for us to administer, but is also even more secure than before.


The old site had a different page for each type of fragrance (incense, oils, soaps, etc.). Why can't I find those pages now?

We have streamlined the way the site is presented. Now, each fragrance has its own listing, and in that listing the user can order that scent in any form we offer.


For example, if the user wants to order Lavender soap and lotion, they simply go to the Lavender item. There, they can select the Soap option, enter the number of bars that they want in the quantity box, and click <Add to Cart>. Then, they can return to the Lavender item and select the Lotion option for the size they want, enter the number of jars they want in the quantity box, and click <Add to Cart> again.


We are hoping in the future to allow the user to visit the item once, and enter a separate quantity for each option before clicking <Add to Cart>, but that functionality is not available yet.


Have the prices changed?

For the most part, prices have not changed. Observant customers will note, however, that a single 11" stick of incense is listed at $0.07 per stick. This comes out to $1.12 for 16, as opposed to our traditional $1.00 for 16.


The reason for this is technical, but boils down to this - Paypal doesn't like more than 2 decimal places. Since we are using Paypal to take payments now (as well as directly accepting credit cards in the near future), we have to play nice.


This was also true for the 19" sticks of incense, but the price of those - normally 3 for $1.00 - actually went down a penny to 3 for $0.99.


We are working on a way to give the user a discount when they buy 16 sticks, allowing them to do so for $1.00, but that functionality is not yet available.


Have any other prices changed?

The only other prices that have changed are the shipping and handling costs. When our old site was first created, postage was much less expensive than it is now, and those numbers were never updated as the years went by. Longtime customers will notice a significant difference, but these are current shipping prices. 


What payment methods do you accept now?

With the new site, we now accept Paypal payments only (although you can pay with a credit card via Paypal as well). We are working on being able to accept credit cards directly on our site, and when we have a working solution we will let everyone know.


Why can't I see the mold choices for Soap?

The answer to that is a bit technical, but the gist of it is that the only way we could do that would have been to have a separate soap page for each scent. We felt that would be very inconvenient, so we were forced to compromise. Please type your choice of mold for each scent in the Comments field during the checkout process. The options are Celtic, Dragons, Fairies, Ocean, and Wiccan. 



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