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Our Products

Incense - We aren't kidding, you know. We really do have the largest selection of incense anywhere on the net. We also have some of the best prices, too. This page will show you all of our scents, and allow you to order one package each of as many scents as you like (16 sticks per package), or allow you to mix and match - ordering only one stick of 16 different scents if you like - just as if you were in our shop, sniffing and choosing!

Oils - Our Oils are all fragrance grade, NOT essential grade. This means that they are suitable for wearing (they won't irritate the skin), burning in one of our burners, and aromatherapy. We also have heard, and tried, some interesting suggestions as to how to use our oils. Check out some of these interesting ideas here.

Soaps - Our soap is every bit as good as our incense! It ought to be - each bar is made from our same high quality fragrance oil, blended hot with 100% vegetable glycerin.

Lotions - Each Moondancer Body Lotion contains Sunflower Oil, Allantoin, and Moondancer Natural Fragrance. We have blended Sunflower Oil, which is rich in Vitamin E and helps to moisturize and regenerate skin, and Allantoin, which is thought to have the ability to rejuvenate skin and stimulate the growth of healthy tissue, to create a gentle an soothing lotion that is never greasy, does not contain Mineral Oil and is suitable for all types of skin. This has been combined with a Natural Moondancer Fragrance to create a product that will soothe your skin and your senses.


Candles Our 14 oz. Jar Candles rival any on the market today! They are soy candles, which means that they will not drip when burned, and will last about 400 hours. The fragrance is added when the soy is still in liquid form, ensuring that the scent will last for the life of the candle.

Samples- "With so many choices, how do I know what I'll like?". That's a good question! To answer it, we have put together several sample packages, all at discounted prices, to allow you, our customer, to try several different scents in small quantities. Simply order the sample pack that you would like to try, and either select your own scents, or be bold, and let us choose for you!
Tapestries -
Burners - We have some of the flat-out coolest incense and oil burners this side of cyberspace, even if we do say so ourselves. Head to this page to check them out.